Stealth Assasin

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About this game

Stealth Assassin - The funny killer hunting game for you to try. To become a Assassin pro player you need to control the assassin and hunt down each target quickly and accurately. At the same time use the surrounding obstacles to hide from the flashlight, evade enemies who are chasing you. The hunters lurk everywhere and are armed with automatic shot gun, so you must stay alert and keep a safe distance from those aggressive hunters. Become the legend of Assassin - be an intelligent and vigilant player in all circumstances. Pay attention to control the assassin to destroy your hunter- enemy one by one without missing anyone. Try to download and experience Assassin to discover many interesting features. Nice graphics realistic image of gameplay. You will play the role of an assassin hunted enemies. Adjust arrow direction for easy play. Experience realistic smooth fighting game with top head to head peak battles peak.