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A whole new take on the famous brainteaser number game! Now in 3D with crazy fun physics! The blocks don't stay in place — they fall realistically and bounce off each other if you haven’t managed to merge cube blocks, which can greatly stimulate your senses. Use your wisdom and strategy to merge to 2048 and then to infinity, and beyond! , enjoy these infinite merge 2048 number puzzle challenges now! How to play ""Cube Merge"" 1. Swipe to move the number cube to get an excellent position and then release it. 2. Stack cubes with the same color and number, merge them to double that number! 3. When the same number cube merged, a chain reaction sometimes happens. More chain reactions bring higher scores. So try to use one block to merge more number blocks. 4. Smash numbered blocks together to reach the score of 2048! But 2048 is not the end! You can keep increasing numbers and try to get as many points as you can! The further you go, the harder gameplay is. Don’t cross the red line, unless you want to start the puzzle game again! Aim precisely and keep a sharp eye on the chain cubes merging. Cube Merge is a great 3D puzzle game for those, who like challenging brain teasers and logic number puzzle games. Get ready for awesome graphics, a user-friendly interface, intuitive game controls, and fun 3D physics! Play Infinite Merge 3D for free! The colorful block art design is simple but beautiful. It's a game for all ages, easy to play, easy to win. If you ever love number block puzzles, merge block puzzles, fill color brick, super brain plus, stack blocks 3D, you will love this awesome infinite merge 2048 3D puzzle game The more you play, the more fun it becomes and you just cannot stop playing it. If you already played games with Blocks, Cubes, Tetris, Sudoku, Brick, Numbers, Math, Color Matching, Match3, chain reaction, physics-based games, or any type of merge game, it is Guaranteed that you will love this title. This is a fun and classic addictive number block puzzle game, worth hundreds of hours to keep you challenged and addicted. It will improve your cognitive abilities such as attention, concentration, and logical reasoning. NO Internet? NO PROBLEM! Enjoy the Cube Merge anytime, anywhere!